Minimizing the Effects of Prostatitis

Minimizing the Effects of Prostatitis

As a prostatitis sufferer, there are some significant things you can do to minimize the effects of prostatitis until you are able to come to our 3D clinic for successful treatment and cure.

1) Keep your body healthy, physically and psychologically. Exercise daily and actively plan your life so that as you reach each goal in your plan, your psychological state prospers and grows. The opposite of this is depression, which will most certainly compound greatly the stressors prostatitis is putting you under.

2) Endeavour to have one healthy long-term partner in life. Avoiding unhealthy sexual practices, and the risks associated with frequent partner changes and unprotected sex. Keep a high standard of hygiene in relation to bodily fluids from sexual organs and anal areas.

3) Avoid riding bicycles, horses, and sitting for long periods of time.

4) Avoid over-indulging in alcohol. Regular over-indulgence will make your symptoms much worse.

5) Always be extra careful to stay warm. During cold periods, ensure you are well-dressed and in warm dry surroundings.

6) If you find you have an infection, especially of the urethra, go to a doctor or hospital immediately for testing. Do your best to ensure proper testing and treatment. Delaying or improper treatment well allow pathogens to get well established leading to a nightmarish period; years of sickness, costs, and treatments, etc.

7) Spicy food for many sufferers is on a par with alcohol in increasing the severity of their symptoms. It is important if you are not well and taking long-term medications that you eat wholesome food loaded with the elements that your body needs.

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