The Present State of Prostatitis Treatments

The Present State of Prostatitis Treatments

Opening newspapers, magazines, and browsing websites, you can find a great deal of information regarding the different treatment methods and medications for prostatitis. This reflects the high morbidity of this disease. As urologists, we face all types of prostatitis patients. Some patients are not concerned about prostatitis because they are in the beginning stages of their disease. However, most patients who have suffered for a long time are very concerned about their disease, and have a lot of pain. Often, they have spent a significant amount of time and money, have serious psychological pressure, are desperate, and have lost interest in their jobs and daily lives. Some have broken their family and other relationships. Their businesses are failing or have failed, and they may have attempted suicide.

Prostatitis has been accepted as a disease that is hard to cure or had no cure. Currently, there is no standard diagnosis or treatment method in the world for this condition; there are many treatments and medications. Usually prescribed are oral antibiotics, physical therapy, prostate massage, anti-inflammation medicine, and a-adrenergic blockers. However, both doctors and patients are not satisfied with the results of these treatments.

Although, initially the patient’s subjective symptoms can be improved by adjustment of psychology, diet, body condition, and medication, overtime the patient’s actual condition often worsens because of the progression of the disease and the side effects of these medications.

At present, it is not common for prostatitis patients to receive systemic medical treatment. Often, clinical examinations, medication, and treatment become separated from each other. Patients go see one doctor to get some medicine and are unsatisfied with the results. Then, the next time they go to see another doctor and get another kind of medicine. Often, the test results are different, the prescriptions are different, and doctor’s explanations are different. As a result, their prostatitis worsens and becomes more complicated.

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