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An Experience of a UK patient

I have had prostatitis for approximately two and a half years. I’ve been to various urologists in the U.K who just threw antibiotics at me and told me to live with it, as prostatitis cannot be cured.

I work as a biomedical scientist in the field of microbiology so I’m a skeptic by nature but after researching all possibilities out there Dr Song’s treatment was the one that made most sense to me. I had all the usual fears as all patients do when they come here but once you begin the treatment you know you’re in good hands. The injections are not painful ,The testing is very good, they take EPS and semen for culture as well as blood to test for viruses, chlamydia etc. I knew one bacteria that I had in my prostate (Staph aureus) as I cultured it in my laboratory and I also knew what antibiotics it was sensitive to. Sure enough Dr Song informed me that they found that organism and they were using the correct antibiotics that definitely quashed my fears completely. Dr Song’s skill level and knowledge is very good and he works with you everyday checking symptoms, taking EPS if required etc. They do cultures at various stages to check for any new bacteria that can hide in the calcifications and then they check you at the end of the treatment to make sure all pathogens have been eradicated.

If you think your prostatits is caused by infection then Dr Song is the only person that can help you unless your one of the lucky few that get cured by massage/drainage with antibiotics. I’m virtually symptomless now, although it does vary while your doing the treatment probably because of the daily injections but I’d say I’m about 90% better and I am pathogen free after 28 days treatment. Most patients say that they get better in the months after the treatment as well so I’m hopeful that I’ll keep improving.

Anyway best of luck to anybody going to China for treatment, you won’t regret it.


The final update from the 3D prostate clinic:

An UK patient who does not want to disclose his name, 28 years old. He had prostatitis for two and half years. He tried lots of antibiotics all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostate Clinic showed he has severe prostatitis, mild prostate blockage and calcification, and bacterial infection. He received 28 days of 3D treatment, he was completely cured, and eventually back to health.

2015-10-14 Admin