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Jaime Alexis Arroyo Bornstein M.D From Mexico

It took some interesting research to find a doctor or clinic that shared the same view I had about prostate illness. Every aproach lead to the same type of treatments: debilitating oral medication mainly alfa blockers or testosterone production inhibitors, with all their secondary side effects or the numerous surgical methods that mutilate the gland.

I happen to be a medical doctor, 78 years of age, suffering from benign prostate hypertrophy with its gradual lack of quality of life due to the classical symptoms described by any urologist or legitimate information source posted by hosptals, clinics or private physicians.

Having being trained in microbiology before attaining my medical degree and becoming a trained clinical and histopathologist I had always been convinced that prostate pathology had a dynamic process, usually lasting a great number of years in chronic cases, starting with infections and ending in cancer, were benign prostatic hyperplasia is just a stage in this prolonged development, so that calcifications, stones, urate crystals and other elements are originated and embeded deeply in the prostate gland, that makes the vast majority of treatments available turn into paliatives that aleviate symptoms but do not cure, including surgery, except the radical removal of the prostate, that is not appealing at all.

Then I stumbled with 3D Prostatitis Clinic run by Dr. Song Xinping that rendered very similar concepts about prostate pathology and their treatment procedure. So I decided to travel to the city of Xiangtan, China, were I stayed for a month.

The arrangements are quite simple and the clinic staff is very efficient in setting up any hotel one choses to stay in and all transfers from the airport, to hospital were several test are performed and the clinic itself to begin the treatment.

Fortunately I refused to have any treatment in my country, Mexico or any other were doctors use the same crypling methods, so that my case was not complicated by previous treatments.

I was diagnosed with prostatitis, infection caused by Staphilococcus aureus and Streptococcus beta haemolyticus, two very agresive bacteria, enlarged prostate nearing 40 cubic centimeters, a great number of calcifications, two fibrotic nodules and a cyst. I must also say that I have hiperparathyroidism that causes imbalance in calcium methabolism and some uricemia with some bereable arthritical symptoms that resolve in a couple of days.

I met with Dr. Song, acompanied by Dr. Ivan at the clinic. My case was presented to me and Dr. Song explained my condition, the treatment protocol that was initiated the same day. It consisted in 24 treatment sesions divided in four weeks. One treatment visit consisted in a previous interview considering symptoms, the presence of discomfort or pain and the general overall condition during the previous day and nigth. After every treatment some indications were also given.

As for the tratment itself it consisted in two daily inyections to the right and left lobes of the prostate gland, supported by palpation of the prostate by the doctor who knows into which areas the medication should be delivered with the use of extremely fine, large type needles. One should be totally relaxed, without any tension at all in the perineum muscles; except for the prick sensation in the puncture site, that lasts a fraction of a second, I usualy did not have pain at all and, in a couple of sessions when pain was present it was absolutely tolerable. I felt more discomfort with the palpation and prostate massage procedures that the inyections. During the treatment, Dr. Song usualy made some remarks regarding the evolution of the prostate size and texture. Also, prostatic fluid samples are taken and sediment of the day before urine to be tested at the clinic laboratory, to monitor the progress of the treatment.

I had the unique oportunity to discuss many medical topics with Dr. Song in an exchange of opinions and knowledge that opened my curiosity even further regarding many issues of prostatic pathology and its importance in the preservation of health regarding other organs and systems in the body. This experience of closeness with Dr. Song was very moving and enrichening, his gentelness and humble attitude, very rarely seen in doctors, are impresive. His knowledge is not confined to his specialty as it usualy happens with urologists that I have met, it is vast and profound and of course also in traditional chinese medicine, from were the medications used also are prepared.

All this meetings and discussions could not have been posible without Alisa, the clinic translator, an intelligent young girl that never stopped short of providing all the help needed.

The central concept that is absolutely ignored in the west by our doctors is that the prostate normal physiology is impaired usualy starting with infections and gradualy becomes "blocked", when not trated properly and other complications set in. Blocked means that the gland ducts become gradualy clogged by material from the infected areas: microbial, celular and tissue waste, the prevalence of multiple areas of infection embeded in calcium and amyloid tiny masses that in time reduces the functionality of the prostate, favoring chronic conditions, hipertrophy and eventualy cancer. This condition makes treatment with oral or parenteral antibiotics limited in their efficacy, the prostate circulation being also impaired by the massive inflammed, full of detritus areas that make it impossible to reach. The main focus in the west is to aleviate symptoms, favor a good urine flow, so attention is set in the use of alfa blockers to relax the muscles around the uretra close to the bladder and testosterone inhibitors to reduce the size of the gland. If this does not work, surgery is performed cutting away the gland tissue that is obstructing the uretra, but leaving residual sick and cogged glandular tissue that may grow again, give subclinical symptoms due to infection, hormonal imbalances, eventual cancer and complications like incontinence and impotence, among others. Dr. Song receives many patients previously treated by this methods.

The conceptual and practical aproach in the 3D prostatitis clinic is to start by simultaneously attacking the infecting agents with selective antibiotics and delivering medication to soften, disolve and expell, not only the toxic waste, calcium, amyloid and other materials but also what is known as the "biofilm". If necesary, the patient also undergoes sessions of intravenous infussion if they also are infected by systemic viruses. During the weeks of treatment this waste material is discharged continuosly and can be observed as long filaments that are the casts of the glandular channels being cleared, mucoid particles, white urate particles and always clouds of calcium floating or sedimented in the urine samples. Part of the medication is aimed to destroy the biofilm.

The biofilm research in clinical infectology is relatively recent and started to atract attention on the turn of the century but it has been confined to investigation areas or its application directed to clean the environment in hospitals and other activities. Biofilm are part of nature and are important in preserving the ecology of systems. But in the human body they cause havoc by acute and chronic recurent antibiotic resistant infections. Biofilm is produced by bacteria in order to colonize, they stick to it and by the film itself they comunicate by chemical and molecular signals to promote growth and prevail; the film facilitates the interchange of genes so that microorganisms may have different defense mechanisms and it also covers the bacteria and makes then antibiotic resistant. If biofilm is not destroyed, infection will continue. In the prostate, biofilm is prevalent. No urologist in the west considers biofilm, they do not pay attention to calcifications as elements with biofilm and bacteria embeded in them. In china great interest exists in biofilm research and in scientific published reports chinese scientists are common authors.

During the last session of my tratment, the prostate had reduced its size in 90% in the right lobe and about 80% plus in the left lobe, that has further shrinked after returning home, symptoms have disapeared, general energy is excelent, sleep is deep, relaxed and prolonged. Calcium and detritus are still expelled after one week and it will continue for some two or three weeks later, as Dr. Song advised. Also, we built a protocol of herbs, nutraceutics and probiotics to enhance the total recovery that is to happen in as much as six monthas after the treatment. The prostate must repair its tissues, heal and recover its normal functions.

This comment can not end here. Another facet to be considered is the mental state and personal attitude if traveling to China to 3D prostatitis clinic. For many patients in need of this treatment anxiety is a normal issue, not only for the treatment itself but the experience of travelling to inland China, not knowing the language and local cultural customs. There may be a tendency to isolate and become confined to the hotel were one is staying, only leaving every day, usualy by taxi, to receive the daily treatment at the clinic, so that the entire stay experience become boring and difficult. I can only narrate my own experience, leaving for each one, their best way to be as well as possible during their stay.

Before leaving, I read about Changsha and Xiangtan in Hunan province. Changsha has over six and a half million people and Xiangtan two and a half including conurbated areas. Also Xiangtan is considered one of the best ten China cities with best quality of life. My proclivity to serenity inclined me to consider Xiangtan the best choice. Then, I decided to reserve in the Paragon 5 star hotel and Mrs Belinda Fu from the clinic reserved and got me a superb price for a prolonged stay. The Hotel is six kilometers away from the clinic. Another hotel is the MGM much closer but without the beautifull gardens and quiet sorroundings of the Paragon. I studied the city map, learned the name of the streets, studied the bus stops and devouted some time to the chinese alphabet, tones, pronunciation and key words and sentences to get around. Once in Xiangtan, Alisa spent some hours after the treatment session walking with me and giving me instructions to get around. This young lady is a great asset a cheerfull person to be with. With her we also made a trip to Shaoshan, about 40 kilometers away, Mao Zedong home town, with a spectacular museum devoted to him. Alisa was a wonderfull companion that has a special place in my heart. During my stay I never took a taxi, exept when leaving back to Changsha airport. I moved around in city buses, I studied the various routes and adventured in some of them back and forth. The bus system is superb, very efficient and on time and low cost. I also walked between four and six kilometers a day, exploring the city, its streets, alleys, shops and above all just feeling the nearnes of its people. Xiangtan also has two wonderfull city parks, Yuju just a 15 minute walk from the clinic and Hu Xiang about a ten minute walk from the Paragon Hotel. At Yuju park I spent delightfull afternoons, strolling around its lake or reading in one of its pavillions and at Hu Xiang that occupies 13,000 square meters and has also a beautifull lake invites to relax, walk in its numerous paths or just sit and admire the lotus flowers blossom. It is also an oportunity to catch up on studying, reading learning about China’s history and enjoying so much free time. And in this technological age one can be in touch with loved ones, family, friends with calls through the internet. So at the end I left China with a slight nostalgic feeling of belonging to the great human family.

I must end saying that I said farewell to Dr. Song, with great admiration for his knowledge, expertise, warm and kind personal relation, me as his patient ever gratefull. To be cured and recover the much needed quality of life at my age has no price.

Thank you Dr. Song from the deepest part of my heart. And also thank you Alisa for your patience, kindness and presence that contributed so much during my treatment and to enjoy my stay in Xiangtan.


Jaime Alexis Arroyo Bornstein M.D. 
Mexico City.


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