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Hi my name is Ken Kitzmann from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada I’m 45 years old 

  I’m VERY, VERY, VERY Happy that I followed my heart and came to China for Dr Songs Various treatments.  I’m writing this with 3 days left to go of my 5 weeks of treatments here.

  Last winter I spent many, many nights watching my father die a slow miserable death due to the long term affects of prostate cancer radiation that he had approximately 12 years ago.  I know in my heart if I could have got my father here 12 years ago he would still be alive today!  The long term affects of the radiation caused his blood vessels to crack and leak blood into his urine approximately  2 years ago.  You want to see something sad watch your dad cry after coming out of the washroom because he was urinating blood…if that’s what you want choose radiation.  This caused many emergency trips to the hospital for blocked urine flow, and then led to him wearing a permanent catheter. The catheter would also plug and require flushing and emergency trips to the hospital.  And then he got a blood infection, which he overcame with a miracle.  He was in the hospital from Dec 2017 until May 9 2018 when he passed away at 82 years old…he fought very hard.  I’ve also had uncles die a slow miserable death from prostate cancer and its complications…so when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 39 I knew I was not going to go down the same path that they chose. 

  At age 39 I had zero symptoms other than mild urinating frequency.  It all started after I went to a naturopath doctor in Edmonton for live blood analysis Nov 15 2011 and he found my PSA at 9.5, and some of my blood cells with irregular shapes, and groups of cells showing various imbalances that he listed.  

  This led to my first digital rectal exam which said my prostate was slightly enlarged and firm.  Then a pelvic ultra sound Dec 16 2011 said “the prostate is mildly enlarged with a volume of about 26 cubic centimeters cc. No focal abnormality is identified” 

 At age 39, Mar 21 2012 I had a trans rectal ultra sound guided biopsy. Prostate was now 37cc and PSA 10. They used an 18 gauge core needle and you must sign a consent due to the high infection risk. 8 of 12 cores showed cancer staged at T2a and T1a with a Gleason 3+3=6, prostatic carcinoma…I cried. 

  A couple years previous to my live blood analysis I had a Vega test done in Edmonton by a naturopath lady with the machine.  It showed high levels of Mercury, Ethylene glycol, crude benzene, Xylene and liver stress.  I grew up on a farm and started working in the oil and gas industry at age 15 on summer holidays, and did a lot of heavy partying starting at that age.  On the farm we often washed our hands with leaded gasoline to get black grease off.  

  My first alternative treatment I went to Tijuana Mexico for Chelation and infusional vitamin B17 by IV and intramuscular injections and DMSO.  I made several trips there, the PSA was going down some and the prostate shrank some.  But when my PSA spiked to 12 I got scared, and in April 2014 I did my first of two HIFU surgeries with a USA doctor where he did the entire gland both times. 

  Three months after my April 2014 HIFU surgery my PSA was 0.2, then every 3 months it went up consistently by 0.2 – 0.3 every 3 months for the next 4 years.  Dec 2017 my PSA was 2.2, my HIFU surgeon suggested a prostate MRI, when he looked at this MRI he said it was very suspect for new cancer. I decided to re-do my HIFU surgery April 24 2018 with the same doctor.  With the HIFU imaging he confirmed there was new cancer in the prostate, he did the entire prostate again.  

  My first Hifu I had to wear a sub-pubic catheter 3 weeks.  The doctor said for the second Hifu I should only have to wear it a week…it ended up being 6 weeks…and I ended up carrying my fathers coffin wearing it…the same kind of catheter he died with.  I was on anti-biotics for those 6 weeks, and when I had the catheter removed it was infected, and was then given a different antibiotic for 10 days…which I finished days before arriving in China.  When I was given the 10 days of anti-biotics I was also told to start taking probiotics which I did and kept doing so for my duration in China.  The catheter got infected even though I followed all recommended practices, changing sterile dressings daily, using saline spray on the area, hand sanitizer always, not touching the area, using alcohol wipes on the drain cap/hose.  But my body was under huge family stress. 

  After my dad passed away was when I found Dr Songs website, I firmly believe in my heart my dad helped me find the website from heaven.  Dr Song insisted that I come for his treatment as soon as I got the catheter out before too much scar tissue formed in the prostate.  I decided to come because my Hifu surgeon could not guarantee my cancer would not come back a third time, and I did not want it to spread, and I was very interested in Dr Songs advanced Pathogen testing. 

  I have worked in Venezuela and Yemen , so I had experienced culture shock before, but I still had some culture shock in China.  When I arrived there was a lot of haze and I wondered if I would ever see the sun, but there was many days the haze cleared.  I never felt any breathing issues from the air but you see some people wearing light masks.  During the flight you will see many green areas and many small agriculture areas between the urban areas.  You will often see a wad similar to chewing tobacco on the sidewalks or stairs, but you will see people daily sweeping the leaves and garbage off the sidewalks.  

  The people are very warm and friendly and smile at you often.  I never felt threatened ever walking the streets alone after dark.  You will nightly see groups of ladies gathering in open areas along side the streets and buildings for group dancing, their music is pleasant to the ear and not too loud. Never saw anyone intoxicated on the street either(or anywhere).  The ones that know some English are eager to practice and say “hello how are you”…or “where are you from”.  I forgot my backpack in a taxi one day, and the taxi driver caught up to me on foot a half block away to give me my backpack back.  Another evening I went into a steak/pizza place a long block away from the Clinic and they were nearly closed or closed and I spied pizza slices in the buffet.  I had a few slices and some rice rolls and juice, I was stunned when I went to pay and they would not take my money.  They said “we want you to come back and bring your friends” talk about a nice gesture. 

  I stayed in the hotel across the street from the clinic for aprox $25 US/Day with a free good healthy breakfast …it was so convenient to be able to walk across the street to the clinic minutes after taking a shower.  The room was very cozy and the bed and 4 pillows were very comfortable.  I did have to get the maid to do some extra cleaning on the walls etc the first day, but they clean they rooms daily.  The elevator broke down several times, but there is a stairway, there was always garbage on the stairs…you just have to look past these things…and know when you leave China you will be cured.  Several Americans that were going to the clinic also stayed in this hotel and were happy with it. Several bank machines were nearby and free wifi was in the room.  Taxis are very cheap, and you don’t have to wait long to flag one down along any street.  Or if you prefer buses they are even cheaper yet. 

  June 18 2018 my first day and blood work and prostate ultra sound(I never did a trans rectal ultra sound since I had recent surgery) taken in China(Hifu surgery was April 24 2018).  The China blood work showed my PSA at 0.3, and it also showed Rubella Virus at 21.9 IU/ml.  So I said I wanted the 15 day of anti-viral IV as well as the 5 weeks of prostate injections.  I told Dr Song that my neck seemed swollen and that I often have postnasal drip.  He is also a nose/throat specialist.  He swabbed my nose, back of throat and after a prostate massage he swabbed the penis…all three showed Streptococcus bacteria   and he said my tonsils and surrounding tissues were badly infected.  I had a urine culture test done in Dawson Creek BC days before my trip that shows nothing !!!  I got my first two secret herbal mixture injections into my prostate this day.  

June 21 2018 after I had my prostate injections and was in my room I caught in my urine measure jug the largest chunk I had seen come from my prostate since my recent Hifu surgery, it came out almost like a BB, it was very dark and 20% black in color and I took a pic to show Dr Song. 

  June 25 I received my first all herbal injection up into each nostril, I would continue to get this every second day for 5 days.  The days in between I would get all herbal injections into the throat on either side of the Adams apple.  After the first nose injection my head felt more clear and after the second I could breath through the nose much much better.  These did not bother me anymore than a arm injection, just keep your eyes closed, and take long deep slow breaths and put your mind in a happy place…and don’t move.  June 26 was the first throat injection, after the throat injection he would rub nice smelling herbal oil on each side of throat.  Jul 3 I received the 4th nose injection, and July 5 I received the 5th throat injection. The nose throat got a little better each day, and 7 days after first nose/throat injections my tonsils were normal again and throat normal.  Before I came to China I had some night sweating by my head, and in China I had the same thing some nights, after the nose/throat injections this was gone also. I read online that antibiotics and infection can cause night sweats.      

  For the 5 weeks of daily prostate injections (Sundays no injections) just focus on one week at a time, the Sunday off is a nice break.  Take long slow breaths and relax, and stare at a spot on the floor.  I try to be slowly exhaling when the needle goes in and take your mind to the happiest memories of your life and relax your muscles.  I found it no worse than a needle in the arm most of the time. 

  Even though I just had Hifu prostate surgery Dr Songs highly experienced, highly sensitive fingers found several nodules in my prostate.  I asked if the Ultra sound I had in China could see the nodules, Dr Ivan said its very difficult for the Ultra sound to see the particular areas where my nodules were(near the seminal vesticles) I found online in a Italian study that Hifu has major difficulty reaching the anterior of the prostate(I don’t know why yet)…it did not say which of the two types of Hifu machines it was referring to…I felt I chose the better Hifu machine the Sonablate.  The anterior of prostate is towards your front.  One nodule seemed to be there and the other 2 near the seminal vesticles.  

  June 30 2018 after my daily prostate injection and after a great soup lunch I found in my diaper a large mass that included a large nodule, I took a couple pics and showed Dr Song the pics. I could not believe my eyes when I found the mass, I could not believe I never felt it come out and I could not believe it never blocked my urine flow.  It was 6-8 times larger than the chunk that came out then the June 21 chunk, the nodule itself was abut 30% black and Dr Song said the black was cancer (if a nodule is white its calcium), there was a lot of grey, some tan and some pink to red tissue color, my next urine in my measure jug was pink from the blood of it tearing loose.  The urine was normal yellow again in hours.  This gob was much much larger than anything I saw come out from both Hifu surgeries…almost all of the prostate material from hifu comes out while you are still wearing the catheter bag.  I really really really doubt this would have came out had I not came to China, perhaps it was hanging by a thin chunk of tissue that Hifu missed.  But I believe the daily herbal prostate injections combined with the daily digital rectal finger twirling really helped knock it loose thank god and thank you Dr Song!  I did have some urine incontinence after my April 24 2018 Hifu and got by with man pads in my underwear, part way though my treatments here I had to start wearing diapers part way through my China treatment…but the incontinence may have helped that large mass come out as well, Dr Song feels my incontinence will be temporary and as I type this its already getting a little better.  After my first Hifu it took months and months and months to get normal erections so I know patience is a must.  And I read online that after a second Hifu the rate of incontinence is higher. But I suggest bring a good supply of diapers with you in case you need them, I had to get the interpreter to order ones in China that fit me well with an elastic waist. 

  July 1st I took the first of 3 days of 50ml bottles of herbal powder to be mixed with water and drank each day for cancer that could be elsewhere in body.  It tasted fine, not bitter or anything, I felt fine after drinking it.  

  July 2 received herbal oil rubbed on my belly below belly button directly above bladder where the sub pubic catheter came out from Hifu surgy, he then put a herbal patch over it for 24 hrs to help release toxins from bladder, it felt nice and warm for hrs and hrs, in the following days I received these on back over kidneys, on chest center between nipples various times, sometimes left on for 48 hrs. These locations are acupuncture points.  

July 3 he inspected up my nostrils and said it looks normal now.  


July 7 received my last day of the 15 day anti viral IV and received 2 more 50ml bottles of herbal powder, I believe he said these were slightly different than the first 3 with stuff added for immune system and detoxification.  I took the first of these 2 July 8 and had some weird dreams that night but was very tired the day before, and got some perineum itch that he said was from bacteria being killed, he gave cream for that worked great. The perineum is loaded with a nerve bundle that runs toward the prostate.  I also got a small rash on each hip and some acne on body that he said was from the body detoxification, it went away a week later. Said I had lots of toxins in my body when I got to China.  

  July 9 had some sexual arousal sensations, a definite sign that things are on the upswing.  And my prostate swelling was down some.  This day he gave me a bag of 93 of the 50ml herbal powders to be mixed and drank with water daily for 93 days. 

   July 10 Dr Song said my remaining 2 prostate nodules are getting smaller now. I took the first bottle of the 93 herbal powders today.  As my body continued to detoxify some days I was very tired, the detoxification is seen as cloudy urine in my sample jug.  Some day’s energy better but depending if I slept well.  

July 13 received first 5 of ten boxes of small herbal beads/balls for detoxification of stomach and intestines.  The boxes have 6 bags in them and you dump them in your mouth and swallow with water, I was surprised how easy it was to swallow.  These are to be taken 1 hr before or after the herbal powder drink.  On this day after the prostate injection I did have a dribble of the herbal injection come out the penis immediately after the injection…Dr Ivan said this  a good sign that the prostate passages are more clear of calcium and blockages now.  Back at the hotel I had a 5-7mm long red chunk pass with urine, I sent them a pic.  

  July 16 Dr Song said my smaller nodule on right side of prostate was almost gone now and the other on left side was much smaller now, and said I will continue to see the calcium come out after I leave China. 

July 18 urine control getting better and energy from detoxification getting better.  Jul 21 with be my last day of prostate injections.  I will fly home July 22. 

  The clinic interpreter Alisa Wang is very hard working and pleasant and will help you with anything you ask, she has many, many responsibilities so if she has a busy day just be patient.  Alisa can help your find places to dine etc. Her assistant Cindy is also very pleasant and does the IV and does a very pain free insertion of IV…I had many in Mexico and they were good at it too. 

  BEFORE you come to China download Express VPN on your phone and computer if you wish to access Google, Face book and YouTube otherwise the China firewall with not let you access it.  You also want to download on your phone “WeChat” app, its what everyone in China uses instead of texting, you can send pics with it easily, if you add money to it then you can pay for things like the bus, or massage chair time at the airport, or cool drinks from vending machines (these vending machines will only take WeChat payment…you scan a barcode with your WeChat App).  Also another MUST HAVE APP…called “One Touch Voice Translator”…I sure wish I had it on my phone from day one…you can speak to your phone in English and it will translate it to Chinese in seconds, and the person speaking Chinese can speak Chinese to your phone and it will translate it to English in seconds(or pic whatever language you want), it was about $12 US for one month…GET IT !!, the other MUST HAVE APP is “Document translator in Touch”…with it you can take a pic of a menu or document in Chinese and it will translate it to English…GET IT !! …I tried some cheaper apps that did not work very good for translation.  If you like peanut butter bring it with you…I searched for days and found it in the next city district and it was expired but I bought it anyhow.  There is many Bakeries near the clinic with fresh bread. When I went to change my return flight date it cost me $900 keep that in mind.  After the power went out in my hotel one night for a few hours I bought a small LED light as I did not want to depend on the light on my phone.  Hand Sanitizer is hard to find, bring some with you.  Carry baby wipes and toilet paper and your Hotel address card (to show taxi driver) where ever you go some places don’t have it in the washroom.  I often took pics of a favorite restaurant sign, I would show the taxi driver the pic when I wanted to go there. I have never used a neck pillow on a flight but I will buy one for the LONG flight home. 

  I met Americans here in China that were treated by Dr Song before and came back for follow up work.  They all had stories of how the North America pathogen testing failed them at one point or another and how things they had done to them in North America that didn’t work or went wrong or caused other complications…Dr Song should be your first choice! 


Dr Song is very humble and pleasant and very knowledgeable about various pathogens.  Dr Ivan is the same.  Both are very willing to answer various questions daily when you have your daily discussion before your daily injections, they really care about you.  God bless Dr Song and Dr Ivan his revolutionary prostate treatment TRULY IS A GIFT FROM GOD!! for people with any urine flow, prostate cancer or any prostate issue.



















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