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I am John Bradley from South Carolina, United State of America. I am staying here in China because the journey is flapping to Dr. Song. It started from 8 years ago returned to my 50s and my PSA spiked. And my doctor was going to do a biopsy for me and then I made a mistake there. 8 years later, I was diagnosed as the prostate cancer. So a friend did the research for the treatment because I just rejected to the options in the least such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, all these have side effects and questions came into my mind. So I came to China six weeks ago and I met the incredible team from Dr. Song, Dr. Ivan, Alisa and the nurse Cindy, the whole team here in Xiangtan, a bend of amazing. And my result is very very positive, so if I were sitting as what you are sitting right now, what can I know. I came here with 2 tumors, a small tumor in the left and a large tumor in the right side. 6 weeks later, the small tumor is gone and the large tumor is 90% gone, the only remnants are pieces of tissues breaking up as I just look at them under the microscope. I saw the 1st lab of cancer cells and I saw after the lab. And they are particles that are coming out of my body. So I am going home very very happy. Why I have been here, I felt so strong, I worked out every day, stayed at a beautiful hotel and actually I lost 25 pounds of weight when I have been here. And that is amazing, you can be under the cancer treatment and they are stronger while you are going through the treatment. That just doesn’t happen in the west, people lose their hair, and they get sick; so I am encouraging you to do the research. You know every treatment is different, and if you can find time, of course, they are rewarding. This is the best place in the world. They inject directly through perineum into the prostate with natural herbs which is very safe without side effects. So I tell you what, if you want to talk to me, you call me or get my email from Alisa. I am happy to get your call or email the answers any of your questions. I wish you will have a happy journey here. From John Bradley.

2018-10-11 Admin