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Dr. Xinping Song New Natural prostate treatment Investigates Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Cancer

New Natural prostate treatment 

Dr. Xinping Song New prostate Natural treatment Investigates Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Cancer
Traditional Chinese medicine was shown to produce therapeutic effect on cancer patients

XIANGTAN, China, May 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On average there are over 200 billion cell divisions going on in the body every day and the human body does a remarkable job ensuring that this process goes without error, however as we age and are exposed to different environmental stresses the machinery involved in cell division can wear down. If cell division is not regulated properly we can have too much cell division, resulting in excessive cell growth, this phenomenon is the underlying mechanism of cancer and how tumors are produced. Cancer cells generated during abnormal cell division often have little to no differences in composition making treatment excessively difficult. Modern day medicine and medical procedures work by targeting all cells in the region the cancerous tumor has arisen, this kills both cancer and non-cancer cells leaving extensive side effects. Sciencedaily published research news on how Chinese medicine kills cancer cells from University of Adelaide.  New research in therapeutics for cancer revolves around targeting specific cancer cells. Dr. Xinping Song from the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic in China is in one lab looking to target these cells specifically. Research from the 3D prostate clinic has shown that ancient Chinese medicines could be a novel and new prostate cancer treatment.

Researchers from Yale University and Columbia University found that triptolide effectively triggers cancer cell apoptosis. Research out of the 3D Prostate treatment has been geared towards using ancient traditional Herbal medicine for the apoptosis of cancer cells while leaving all other cells untouched. Two ancient Chinese medicines investigated by the 3D clinic lab include elemene emulsifications from rhizoma curcumae and ginseng. Principle results from the Dr. Xinping Song show that elemene could be a tumor suppressor, whereas ginseng shows promise in the recovery of patients after cancer cells have been eliminated.

The 3d prostate clinic

Our 3d prostate clinic concludes that the use of active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicines with or without the conjunction of Western medicine is a promising method to treat cancer induced tumors. Pharmacological studies still need to be done to understand any drug interactions/side effects that ancient Chinese medicine may have when paired with western pharmaceuticals, however, the research from the 3D treatments shows that there are ways to treat cancer without killing non-cancerous cells and reducing side effects.

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