3D Prostatitis Clinical Cure Standard

3D Prostatitis Clinical Cure Standard

1) The microbiological examination shows all the pathogens are killed.

2) Routine test of prostate fluid: WBC count <10/HP, Lecithin count >75% . 

3) Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) and ultrasound to check the size of prostate size and mophology, the results should be normal.

4) Main clinical symptoms are greatly improved or disappear.

The anatomical structure of prostate is quite complicated. To be cured completely, patients need for three stages. Firstly, kill the pathogens and clear the blockage and calcification. Secondly, the damaged tissue cells need be repaired. Thirdly, rebuild the micro-circulation and immunity. By the end of one course of treatment, if the goal of killing pathogens and clearing blockage and calcification are achieved, patients will recover in three to six months.

Symptoms during the recovery period

It is normal for some patients to have some symptoms during the recovery period.  The symptoms will disappear after the full recovery period. For those patients whose pathogens, blockage and calcification are not fully eliminated at the end of one course of treatment there may be a need for a second round.

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