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My Prostate Cancer Treatment - Francis Rae, 70 years of age


Francis Rae, 70 years of age               


My name is Francis Rae, I live in a small town called Castlemaine in Central Victoria, Australia.

My good wife Reslyn, who tirelessly researched the internet to find help for me and my stage IV metastasized prostate cancer, found 3dprostatecure.com - Dr. Song’s unique method of restoring the diseased prostate to good health. Her prayers were answered. We hoped it wasn’t too late. The doctors at the Royal Melbourne Hospital had already given up on me 18 months ago. My local doctor kept asking whether I had put my affairs in order, prepared for my funeral!


I arrived here in Xiangtan, China, 8 weeks ago. All patients I have since spoken to, and like myself, we do arrive with a certain amount of healthy skepticism. The promised outcome of Dr. Song’s treatment seemed just too good to be believed unconditionally. Later encounters, when speaking to patients about to leave, took away any lingering doubts, as to the effectiveness of his treatment method.


Everything proceeded like clock-work, just as described on Dr. Song’s webpages. First the hospital tests, MRI, Ultrasound, and Blood test in my case. Then came the nervously awaited interview, examination and finally prognosis by Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan. I already had the distinction of holding a record of 8000 PSA reading and now was given the added distinction of being Dr. Song’s worst case of advanced, metastasized Prostate Cancer! Would he risk taking me on? Apparently he did sweat a bit, but proclaimed he was willing to take up the challenge. I was grateful, I had nothing to lose. Treatment began.


Dr. Song and his ‘understudy’ Dr. Ivan are Urologists trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Western Medicine.  TCM and Western Medicine have the same status now in China. Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan are very dedicated to their cause. Dr. Song is incredibly attentive in the daily interviews.  He comes to carefully plan out the next step solutions. A very likeable, humble man. His skill, in DRE examination and administering of the injections is remarkable. Dr. Ivan tells me that it takes years to achieve such proficiency. I hope he too will soon be able to undertake this life-saving skill. In my case there was much more to be considered  than just killing the cancer and returning the Prostate to normal size and function. The ever hungry cancer had invaded my bladder wall, reducing the thickness on the right hand side from 42mm to only 8mm, also damaging the area where urethra and bladder join. It had also caused some damage to the rectal wall. Whether cancer cells have escaped into, or further up the intestinal tract, is difficult to establish, but precautionary medication may  allay such fears. In six months time an appropriate test will establish the presence on absence of cancer anywhere else. My red blood cell production, my kidney function, bone strength were also affected by the cancer. There was much for Dr. Song to consider. After the first week, to everybody’s relief, I was declared out of danger. The first few injections did hurt, as everything down there was so swollen and inflamed, from infections but soon they were no more than those one receives at the dentist. I have a few more to go. I don’t look forward to them but have to take them in my stride. I consider myself very lucky that this cancer has been caught just in time before irrepairable damage had been caused. I am also glad that I did not use catheters for any long periods, as they apparently cause weakening of the bladder and then infections. It is such a blessing to have good urine flow and bowel movements again – such natural functions we just take for granted until the disaster of cancer strikes.



I conclude with a plea to all, who have read thus far, to seek treatment here early. It will cost you less in time and money. I treated my Prostate Cancer affliction far too lightly, far too arrogantly., lived in denial. In 2012 when I was first diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and rising PSA levels (never allowed biopsy) I thought -  oh well, there are so many alternative treatments out there, surely one of the will fix me. No such luck, I tried the Budwig diet, CBD oil, Japanese mushroom extract, Israeli Modified Citrus Pectin, Aspirin, and many more. Nothing stopped the onward march of my cancer. It seems that orally taken herbs and medicines do not reach the bastion of the prostate. When finally my PSA reached 8000 and cachexia (wasting disease) set in, I knew things had become dire. So much time can be wasted following too many of the promises alternative medicine gurus come up with. They may be alright for less serious conditions but not for advanced deadly ones. I wouldn’t risk it again.


I will be leaving Xiangtan on Monday after 42 days of treatment, a man with a new life ahead of him! This city will leave a lasting impression on me. Due to my weakened condition I only managed to see a very small part of it. Next visit I shall explore Xiangtan more thoroughly. Some of these impressions I gathered were: the people – so good looking and serene, interacting like brothers and sisters, no obese people, of quiet, cultured demeanour, the girls are prettily dressed, the babies and children delightful, a feast for one’s eyes, absolutely no road-rage in traffic conditions that would give most Westerners a heart attack every 5 minutes, no matter how good a driver they professed to be, nobody gets angry,  yet the traffic flows smoothly like a river, the food is delicious, varied and available at every step on one’s way. As a life-time vegetarian I had no difficulty in selecting suitable dishes, Alisa was always ready to help to make sure I would eat plenty especially as I had lost so much weight. I gained about 5kg in the time I spent here. So, food, accommodation, transportation are all of high standard, there was no need to worry about that.


I conclusion, my ‘thank you’ s go out to Reslyn, my wife for finding 3dprostatecure.com on the internet, my biggest ever thank you of course to Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan for their courage and determination in their work and saving my life! They work well together and I felt reassured all the way from beginning to end with their calm, professional manner and real patient care not just for the prostate. A warm thank you to Alisa, Dr Song’s interpreter, secretary, manageress of the clinic, “girl Friday” to all, so talented so polite and friendly. Last but not least, thank you Cindy for administering all those IVs with such care.


Goodbye beautiful China, all you lovely people, I will be back!


Francis Rae


P.S. Anybody wishing to contact me for further information, please feel free to email me at


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