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Mr. John Harrison from UK

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Hello my name is John. And I’m a skilled therapist from England. I’m 62 years old. So I’ve been asked to give a testimonial today to Prostate 3D clinic. I’m very happy to do so. As with everybody we all have challenges in life and one of the challenges of my family has been the recurrence of prostate cancer. I should say I’m also a teacher also. So I’m accustomed to public speaking. So in regards to the prostate cancer, yes I was devastated in 2005, 3 weeks after my wedding, to discover that my father Al had prostate cancer at advanced level.

With regard to that it’s already gone into his bones, what you call methasthesis and so they started him on the traditional western course of hormone injections, radiotherapy, this is usually followed by the experimental drugs. Unfortunately it was too late for my father and he died 3 weeks after my wedding 2005. And it seems that wasn’t bad enough, just 2 years later my older brother David contracted the same form of prostate cancer. Obviously they ran the genetic tests but nothing was proven that it was genetic. But anyway, David unfortunately with him at that stage it spread from his prostate going into his bones. And so we had the sad western type treatment which is the hormone injections, radiotherapy and his case what they call Pop drugs.

So in my view I was looking around all this time being a skilled therapist for searching for over 10 years for a cure for prostate cancer. Unfortunately, on the market when you go out there have the Standard western treatment in the west in the British NHS which is often been very by the American and Canadian and Australian system, which obviously they do a great deal of testing, cancer research, the work on drugs, you realize that they’re sincere but they’ve often only got a one shot approach which seems to involve the radiation. So my personal view is I’m uncertain that radiation is good for the body. Doesn’t support the immune system. Is it likely to work in a holistic way to cure somebody or help somebody who has cancer? In the evidence in my family the answer unfortunately is no and I’ve had as a result a dead brother and father.

So all this time I was searching for something that was sincere and was credible that was foremost of course and most of all that worked. I’ve obviously gone through quite a sharp learning curve in trying to find out if there’s anything I could do to prevent myself from dying from prostate cancer. As I was diagnosed myself in 2007, and fortunately for me the prostate cancer was inside the prostate and so I had the option of surgery which I took up. The reason I took up the surgery option was because I didn’t find any other sort of forms aside from the hormone injections or radiotherapy that could cure me of cancer.

The truth is that on the marketplace there are many people who offer desperate people remedies, what the doctors call quacks, people who only live for profits, only live for the money and they are quite happy to exploit gullible people. So careful evaluation and discrimination is definitely needed. Personally I’m going to believe that I’m in charge of my health. That means I’m responsible for my life and I can decide myself who I go to see for treatment.

So with regard to my own history, my own case, and how I’ve come to know Dr. Song and his colleagues who are very sincere and compassionate people I had been dealing with cause effects of the prostate cancer after my prostatectomy operation in 2008 and the results of that was as you may appreciate if you have this form of cancer, the rise in the PSA. Gradually from 0.5 it was rising up towards 4 and by last year it gone up to 3. So I then visited the Budwig center in Spain and I tried the Budwig protocols which I thought of very good actually, they’re very sympathetic in Malaga in Spain. If you want to try that option, however I’m not convinced the varied tests and the medical recovery is perfect as regards to that particular clinic. But other people were going to that clinic from around the world in Malaga to recover from cancer and shown very good signs of improvement. The key thing I learned from them is often the immune system is disabled and Dr. Harold Jenkins has been very good teaching us about that.

With regards to Dr. Song, so here I was really just a few months to go and we got down to the wire really, the doctors are pressing very hard in England. Their oncology center, I come from Middleton England, their pressing me very hard to go and have a hormone injections and radiotherapy and making my program which will mean 6 months of hormone treatments and then followed by 6 week period of radiation. I had looked that up and received the medication from them but no side effects which may I say are permanent, the side effects. And at least in 10% of the people that involve things like problems with the heart, liver, other organs of the body. As we are taking the testosterone out of the body, that’s what we may use to give us strength, stamina, and cohesion in my view. And so I was also going to be having the 6 weeks of radiation in my body. But to be frank with you I came to the conclusion  that the drugs and the therapy were worse than the prostate cancer’s going to be, especially as I saw my father and brother die in prostate cancer using these protocols.

So I left to look for a last ditch attempt to find something in the world that could be useful. I came across Dr. Song’s website. I’m very impressed by the fact that his qualifications were excellent. They had full training in the Chinese medical health system and that he is compassionate, caring, and most of all thorough and precise medical practitioner. And the clinic here is clean and hygienic. I’ve received the treatment from him which involved injections to the localized site of the prostate cancer which is in the scarring around my prostate and also other medications. So we’ve had the medical facilities which I was impressed by. Also prospects of curing my cancer at the very least allowing me to live longer  and the staff and everybody was very helpful and the other I’ve noticed on different treatments for prostatitis and various illnesses related to the prostate are recovering well.

So that’s a reason I’m very happy to endorse as one of your options. I urge you to look at the Internet, check with the options, don’t accept just one version or one doctor or one homeopathic practitioner but speak to people Speak to people who’ve recovered from cancer. People who are facing each choices and are desperate to receive a cure but sufficiently may I say discriminating to discriminate to the different options available and have sufficient funds to also come and receive this. Very professional type of treatment. So I just conclude by saying if you’re like me and you are interested in researching these things, finding cures, helping people, I’ve spent my whole life helping people in a caring capacity and the truth is you have to think outside the box. You have to think in a holistic way in my view. It always receive results. You have to have a good mindset. For that purpose I also teach Qigong and so that is another layer of synchronicity because very much in favor of Chinese medical system and I receive quite a lot of people at home as well. And then have a positive mindset. I recommend things like yoga, or meditation to calm the mind and most of all having that positive mindset that you are going to recover from cancer if you make the correct options. I’ll be inclined to be quite wary, quite discriminating about the use of drugs and other substances and realize that it’s your body’s healing mechanism that’s going to… we need to use most of all to help you to recover from cancer and other conditions.

So finally it’s John here signing off and saying thank you very much and I’m very happy to do this testimonial for Dr. Song. I wish him and the staff all the best and my advise to you is just carefully evaluate it, look at the website, and ask all the questions you need to ask, get the answers and if you think this is for you then go for it. Let’s face it. What else have you got? Choices  have you got? You have to carefully evaluate these things and come to your own conclusions. So thanks very much for allowing me to speak to you. it’s John just signing off here from Changsha in China.

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