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Kai Daniel Bonga from Sierra Leone

The day I was diagnosed with Prostatitis was the most discouraging day in my life Much more so when the Dr. told me then that there is no cure for it in the whole world. That verdict of his drove me into action that consequently led me into contact with The 3D Treatment Clinic.

I went all out to get all the details about this clinic , how to get there and relevant information to get me there. Upon my arrival at the clinic prompt medical examination , tests and treatment commenced on me. In less than a week I started realizing the effectiveness of the treatment. At the end of the first week more improvement was experienced in my body. Thanks to the medical team at the clinic.

There are two treatment options to be chosen at the clinic ; the Dr. Song option and Dr, Li option. It was the latter I choose. This wonderful Dr.Li needs much more praises to be poured upon his successful head.He administered only 22 days of treatment which resulted in my second test result to show negative. Tests I had earlier on proved positive to. His dedication to patient needs and feelings and mastery of his profession under the management of Dr. Song makes him more competent. Other medical personnel there like Irvin , Mrs. Belinda Fu etc are dedicated to their work.. By the time my visit ended I had been almost cured of my sickness.

Kai Daniel Bonga

December 2013

March 2014 - Update

I am writing to explain my present health condition:

1)  I am feeling very much better  within my body.

2)  I no longer have frequency and urgency of urination at night. It is once most nights.

3)  I ejaculate  normal and the quantity looks normal.

4)  I can sit down any how and for any longer time without going into pain like before. ,  My walking too is far normal than the way I walked in Changsha. Less pain now in my legs and no pain in my middle region at all for a long time now.

5)  I go to toilet freely and normally.

6)  I no longer take any pain killers since three weeks and I do not get the urge for it.

7)  I brought 6 cups of  Bee Pollen and drank it for over sixty consecutive days non stop according to the twice daily instruction you gave me till all 6 cups finished. It is not here for sale so I have stop drinking it.

8)  I have not disobeyed the instructions you gave me the what to and what not to  do to this day.

9)  I have huge appetite now and I eat a lot especially fruits and vegetables.

10)  I sleep too much

11)  I have never taken antibiotics or any other medicine since I left Changsha.

I know I am not a hundred percent better but this is my honest situation as I write this note. Maybe this could help to understand my present condition better.

With lots of respect.

KAI Daniel Bonga

The final update from the 3D prostate clinic:

Kai Daniel Bonga from Sierra Leone, 45 years old, unknown prostatitis history. He had some prostate medication treatments, all failed. The full set of lab testing at the 3D Prostate Clinic showed he has prostatitis, severe prostate blockage and calcification, bacterial infection and systemic viral infection. He received over 40 days of 3D treatment, he was completely cured, and eventually back to health.


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