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Good morning.
My name is Don here.
I’m from the United States of America.
I live in the state of Michigan.
I recently found out that I had prostate cancer.
So a friend told me about the clinic and the website.
I came over here and met with Dr. Song and his assistant, Ivy.
First day, did ultrasound, blood work.
We came back to the office a few days later to look at the ultrasound.
It showed my cancer was pushing on the bottom of my bladder, ready to come out.
Which surprised me.
I had no symptoms or pain like that.
But I’m in my fourth week of treatment.
Retook an ultrasound.
The tumor has shrank considerably.
It’s like night and day, looking at the ultrasound.
The doctors have been great.
The four weeks seemed to fly by pretty quick.
They’ve took very good care of me here, and I would recommend, if you have cancer, to definitely come here and get treated.
They’ve done an excellent job.
I’m very pleased with the results.
Thank you.

2017-11-28 Admin