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Prostate treatment Patient testimonial - Jonathan From USA

Hi, my name is Jonathan 
I’m from New York and Connecticut area in America.
And I’m here at the 3D urology clinic in Xangtan, China.
I came here with prostate cancer and several other infections, as well as cystitis and BPH of the prostate.
My experience here is that this is the only clinic like this in the world, and it is a blessing.
It is the most professional specialty clinic that I’ve ever, medical clinic that I’ve ever been to in my life.
The doctors here are amazing, and Dr. Song is just a wonderful man, he is..
Just to know that there is someone that can be able to have such gifts and talent, and combine that with the medical needs of the world..
In particular, men with prostates, is just astonishing.
Xangtan is a beautiful city.
People here are wonderful.
They’re so helpful, so friendly, so loving.
I would recommend that anyone that has prostate issues..
This is the place to go.
In America, they didn’t even begin to analyze the problems.
They’re not capable.
That they are able to only diagnose here, but to treat.
And I feel like a new person.
I’m sure that my cancer is already gone.
I’m going back to the United States with a tremendous amount of medicine, and treatment will continue over the next six months.
And as I said, this is the place to go for anyone that’s having difficulties, and getting a lot of runaround and wrong answers as to what to do.
Here, they know what to do, they know how to treat it, they know how to diagnose it, and I’m so thankful.
Thank you.

2017-11-28 Admin